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    Corporate Responsibility
    Our Environment
       -- Development of Current Energy
    Our People
       -- Health & Safety
       -- Staff Training
       -- Staff Activities
    Social Duty
       -- Education Assistance
    Health & Safety & Environment

    “no accidents”, “no harm to people”
    and “no damage to the environment”

    Everybody goes home without harm at the end of the day.

    WANCHI strategic HSE objectives are to:
    Pursuing free accident, free cruelty and zero environmental pollution.
    Protection of environment, sanitary production, pollution prevention, to work for energy conservation and emission reduction;

    WACHI believes that all accidents are preventable.  We will strive for continuous improvement of its HSE performance by the efficient management of HSE systems.  To achieve these objectives, WANCHI will:

    On Health
    Promote and protect, the health of the Company’s employees, contractors and of the community.

    On Safety:
    Minimize risks and hazards resulting from the company related activities.
    Take the necessary precautions to minimize company loss of assets by implementing Process Safety Management to control process hazards and prevent process-related incidents and injuries.

    On Environment
    Protect the environment and minimize the negative impact of company activities by reducing emissions, discharges and wastes.

    Looking out for the safety and well-being of our employees and meeting environmental initiatives are at the very heart of WANCHI’s core Values. Not only are these critically important to us, but achieving and maintaining high standards of performance in health, safety and environmental matters play an integral role in the sustainability of or long-term reputation and success.

    We are working to achieve these objectives through a variety of means. Our long-term goal is to ensure that all our employees and contractor’s employees working in behalf of WANCHI having safe working place to work. Ensuring continuous improvement to comply with Company strategies and business plan and aligned with national and international HSE standards and regulations.

    Occupational Health

    The potential health hazards in the work environment are of primary concern not only because of their possible negative impact on employees, but also on the Company as a whole. Health hazards may be physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic or psychological in nature. The HSE Section assess all possible health risks at work and establish control measures where required in order that the healthy workplace can be maintained all the way.

    Company arranges annual Medical Examination and Occupational Health

    Examination in order to assure the employees’ good health as well as Workshop Environment Monitoring. Company delivers primary health care to all employees and their dependents, at the same time, Medical services are provided by HSE Section.

    Training and Awareness
    The HSE Section of WANCHI provides related training including but not limited New hires’ Training, Job-transfer training, Years of Training to employees as well as Risk Training to contractors so they are assured to work in the safety environment. According to the Annual Training Plan, the HSE Section arranges the relative training effectively.
    We commit to providing a safe work environment for all employees every single day, and to ensure that the right safe work practices, safety training and supervision are in place to eliminate the possibility of incident or injury.

    Sub-contractor Enter Training
    The responsible of sub-contractor or work safety personnel should discuss the potential hazard and give improved proposal related hazard factors.
    Emergency Response Team (ERT)


    Our ERT task is to eliminate further harm to people or damage to facility and equipment, or the general public.
    The ERT will be provided special training in fire and explosions, natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons etc., first aid/CPR, medical emergencies, environment emergencies, or toxic releases etc.

    Tel: 86-335-5936000 FAX:86-335-5936006/002 ext 112/113 E-mail:market@wanchi.com.cn

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