These are the top flavored rolling papers currently available on the market.


1. Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays has been and from what it seems, always will be the #1 flavored rolling papers on the market. There are so many delicious flavors to try and each one brings something different to the table. They are perfect for pairing with herbal blends. You can order Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers incredibly cheap here. (read more)

2. Skunk Flavored Rolling Papers

Skunk Rolling Papers are some of the top selling rolling papers on the market, and with their recent release of their flavored line of papers they are selling better than ever! Though we have a hard time getting our hands on these in stock, we definitely recommend trying one of their two flavors, Strawberry Skunk and Blueberry Skunk. They’re perfect for pairing with herbal blends, which Skunk also manufactures. If you’re an herbal smoker, you’ve got to try these!