Rolling Papers

JWare is the newest manufacturer of the ever so popular pre-rolled cones and they have immediately taken the market by storm. These cones, produced in the Netherlands, are the top cones used for coffeeshops and dispensaries. The thin papers are rolled with no excess paper. Each cone comes with a packing tool and packaged in a beautifully designed box. They have four different sizes, ranging from normal to king to party to mega. The Mega Sized cones are the biggest pre-rolled cones available on the market.

Jamaican Hemp papers are pretty hard to come by, but when you do, we certainly reccommend picking up a pack of these even-burning hemp papers. These are a true rastafarian’s sidekick. Jamaican Hemp papers are made entirely from Jamaican hemp fibres. The company was founded in 1996, producing some of the top-selling hemp rolling papers on the market. The papers leave smokers with an icredibly slow and even burning cigarette that perfectly compliments any smoke, tobacco or herbal. Topped with a natural Arabic gumming not frequently found on many rolling papers, if you’re looking for a new paper to try or give to a friend, we have no trouble suggesting Jamaican Hemp papers. They are some of the best!

Cyclones are the world’s first pre-rolled, flavored cone. The unique characteristics of the burn from a cone is what made the Cyclones pre-rolled cones a success. Cones burn big in the beginning, creating a lot of smoke. As the cone burns down and gets smaller, the smoke mellows out – making a perfect smoking experience thats just the right amount.

Rolling cones can be difficult, even for the most seasoned cigarette roller. The problem is instantly solved with Cyclones, as each one of these comes pre-rolled and stored in it’s own freshness sealing protective plastic tube. A paper filter is already built into the cones, so all you have to do is grind you herbs or tobacco and use the packing tool that is provided in each tube of Cyclones to pack down the cone. Once you get down a good method, you can literally pack a cone in about a minute! These amazing cones come in nine flavors:  Peach, Sour Apple, Fruit Punch, Strawberry-Kiwi, Blueberry, Honey, Natural, Mango and White Chocolate.

Cyclones also creates transparent, pre-rolled cones. They are made of a natural cotton cellulose with glycerin and water. They are safe to smoke! Same concept with these, however you can see right through these clear papers making them that much cooler! They have a totally different burn and taste as well and come in many different flavors.

Hemp rolling papers have been a fairly new entry into the United States, only gaining legal import status fewer then 20 years ago, but when it finally was allowed into the United States, there were only a few companies who started to do so. One of these original companies was called Zen.

Pure hemp is used to create these Zen rolling papers, giving them a nice and clean smoke, with no black ash created. Hemp gives your filler a neutral taste, giving you more filler taste, the tobacco or herbs that you want to smoke, not a harsh paper unlike other rolling paper brands.

Zen rolling papers are no ordinary hemp paper however, they are made with a smoother and silkier paper, something that sets Zen rolling papers apart from the heavily competitive hemp rolling paper market and helped Zen survive the years ahead.

Over the next few years, competition in the hemp rolling paper market grew fiercely, and a lot of rolling paper companies disappeared or had to significantly scale back their production and product offerings. Consistently however, Zen was able to remain in the market because of their dedication to their product and reputation.

Zen rolling papers are perfectly gummed, and contain no animal products, like some other rolling papers do. Instead, sugar gum is used. This pure sugar gum is harvested from Acacia plants in the African continent, and is rushed to the Zen factory to be added the rolling paper.

Zen papers were named for the calming, almost meditative effects that one gets when they smoke. With such a quality product at a good price point, its easy to see that Zen rolling papers achieve their namesake

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says “rolling papers” is probably the name “Zig-Zag” and rightly so. Zig-Zag rolling papers have been around for over a century due to their timeless dedication to quality and consistency, creating throngs of loyal smokers who flock to their products and turn their friends onto the brand as well.

The legend is, that during the 19th century, the battle of Sevastopol was raging on; a French soldier had his prized clay pipe shattered by a stray bullet. This resourceful Zouave ( the name given to a particular regiment) came up with the idea of using a peice of paper that he tore from his bag of gunpowder, and rolling his tobacco inside of it.

In the year 1894, the Braunstein Brothers, the founders of Zig-Zag, finalized the process of interleaving papers, in the eponymous zig-zag fashion. They created their line of cigarette paper booklets under the name “Zig-Zag”. Zig-Zag was awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exposition that was held in France in 1900, and gained influence and respect around the world.

The image of the iconic Zouave soldier has been the trademark look of Zig-Zag cigarette papers for over 100 years, paying a tribute to the French soldier whose creativity inspired the Braunstein Brothers.

Zig-Zag rolling papers capture the essence of rolling your own smokes, the rich history, and the exceptional creations that you create yourself. While Zig-Zag is not the cheapest rolling paper, it is a very worthy choice.

Pure Hemp rolling papers are created with a distinct philosophy in mind. To create a natural rolling paper that is made from the earth, just like tobacco is from the earth. Hemp paper is pure, clean, and it looks very nice, and burns even better. Pure Hemp rolling papers are a nice warm white color, making your filler inside seem even more irresistible.

The famous Miquel Y Costas & Miquel, S.A. company in the heart of Barcelona Spain have been creating some of the worlds finest hemp paper since 1879 and many generations of Spaniards have tirelessly worked and passed on their knowledge to their children who take up the reign of their parents. This Spanish company makes a point to avoid using any trees in these Pure Hemp rolling papers, instead using a pure hemp pulp that is eco-friendly and renewable.

We’ve burned some Pure Hemp rolling papers, and let me tell you, they are are great for smoking with any kind of filler.They roll nice and even, letting even a beginner roller make some amazing smokes. They burn clean and evenly, your paper won’t burn faster then your filler.

The neutral taste of Pure Hemp rolling papers also makes the perfect paper to try out new kinds of filler. Your new blend of tobaccos is perfect to be tested out in Pure Hemp rolling papers, or maybe a new combination of herbs is waiting to be smoked. Whatever the case, Pure Hemp makes a great choice. Who knows, maybe you’ll even roll out the best smoke you’ve ever created, with Pure Hemp rolling papers encasing a secret new blend of filler!

RAW is a brand of roll-your-own products that has taken the cigarette rolling community by storm. Started over 12 years ago in a quest to produce the most natural rolling papers, RAW brings a big difference in their papers compared to many other rolling paper manufacturers. For one, RAW uses pure and less processed rolling paper. The papers use a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers that cause the papers to have a brown color. The papers are so thin you can see through them, leaving you with less paper taste in your smoke.

RAW is famous for the use of a CrissCross run-preventing watermark that aids in keeping your cigarette burning evenly. This design makes these papers some of the best burning papers on the market and will leave you always looking for a watermark on your papers. Don’t waste your tobacco or herbs with papers that burn too quick; these papers were specifically designed to be the best burning papers available.

RAW is available in 1 1/4 size, King Size Slim, King Size Supreme, Rolls and a beautiful bonus 300pack. They have broken down each element of the rolling paper to the gum strip to the filter and have modified them over time to become the absolute best and most natural products around. RAW papers use a natural hemp-based gum. This unique gum sticks very well and is eco-friendly.

RAW also carries a line of organic and unrefined hemp “vegan” rolling papers. This line is made from organically grown, chlorine-free, pure hemp and is processed in an eco-friendly manner. The taste is a lot more pure than what you may have experienced from previous rolling paper brands.

RAW Grow Your Own Tobacco Seeds are also offered by this company and give smokers a chance to return to the true American roots and grow the most natural tobacco around.  America was founded on the cash crop Tobacco; it grew wildly on the land. Now you can plant your own Tobacco just like our forefathers and skip the tobacco taxes!

In conclusion, this brand is definitely one of the top players in the game today. The papers are perfect for any tobacco or herbal cigarette and are truly different than most other rolling papers. The rolling papers are not made with all of the additives that a lot of the rolling papers use to bleach their papers. The burn speed is not too slow, just right, and the run-preventing watermark actually seems to work in preventing runs. The taste is definitely something you don’t normally find in rolling papers; whereas most papers have, well, a paper taste to them, the RAW brand actually tastes — lighter! We have not met someone yet who doesn’t like this brand after trying; a must try for roll-your-own enthusiasts.

So you’re an inexperienced hand roller. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid to admit it. Every single one of us experienced the same thing at one point in our roll your own lives. It will be easier once you acknowledge it. Perhaps you’re even new at the whole rolling business. We understand. Everyone has to start somewhere. Smokers are not known for being judgemental, especially about other smokers.

Even if you’re an experienced roller, there are still advantages to using Pouch rolling papers over traditional rolling papers. The pouch shape keeps the filler inside, ensuring that no filler spills out the edges on the sides like can happen with regular rolling papers. Maybe you just like having the convience of the pouch. You can roll smokes quicker and easier then a regular old rolling paper.

Other small benefits that Pouch rolling papers supply is that every rolling paper comes pre-gummed with a natural sugar. The final benefit is that because Pouch rolling papers look so distinct, these rolling papers can be the perfect conversation starters with your fellow smokers who will be intrigued by its unique shape and properties.

You can even use Pouch rolling papers in a rolling machine, making it so easy and simple, that even a person who has no knowledge of rolling a smoke can pick up some filler, grab some Pouch rolling papers and a rolling machine, and create a perfect smoke.

Overall, Pouch rolling papers are a great choice for the smoker who is new at hand rolling, but is also an excellent choice for more experienced rollers who desire a simpler process with less waste.

Juicy Jay’s rolling papers is the premier flavored rolling paper designed for herbal blends, and for good reason. Overwhelmingly smokers choose Juicy Jay’s as their flavored rolling paper of choice. This undisputed leader of the flavored rolling paper market aggressively tests and launches new flavors in order to keep up with us smokers demands.

In the late 1980’s, LL Cool J captivated people everywhere, and the founder of Juicy Jay’s joined in too. After a full of looking for LL Cool J himself, his friends gave him the nickname “Cool Jay.” A decade after this event, and when he went to create his first line of menthol rolling papers, the founder of Juicy Jay’s decided to name them Cool Jay’s, after his old nickname. The next flavor created was watermelon, and the name Juicy Jay’s Watermelon stuck. He went on to create over 40 more flavors of rolling papers, and the rest is history.

Juicy Jay’s are still made today in a small town called Alcoy, located in the mountains of Spain. There, generations of craftsmen have created some of the finest rolling paper in the entire world, and many still use machines that are over 100 years old, refurbishing them every generation to keep them productive and in good working condition.

It’s no coincidence that Juicy Jay’s are among the most consistent and quality flavored rolling paper on the market. Pure rice paper is flavored using Juicy Jay’s unique “Triple-Dip” flavoring system, giving the entire rolling paper a flavorful, but too intense flavor sensation. The flavor is so good, that some people even chew on the rolling papers. Trust us, here at, we’ve tried this ourselves, and we can back up that claim!

Every individual smoker will have different tastes in flavored rolling papers, and we hope that you can find a flavor of Juicy Jay’s that reflects your personal tastes perfectly. Feel free to try other flavored rolling papers, although we back up Juicy Jay’s as our number one choice for flavored rolling papers. Juicy Jay’s simply cannot be replicated or copied, and any attempt by competitors will not taste the same!

Made from a pure hemp pulp, Hempire rolling papers have been a strong and stable product offering in the now very crowded hemp rolling paper market.Hempire has consistently received reviews of praise from the community.

The natural gum that is used with Hempire rolling papers is made from latex that has been extracted from the rubber tree that has grown in the fertile soil of exotic locations around the world. With hemp that has been specially grown and harvested in temperate regions around the world, the rubber gum is harvested from rubber trees in tropical locations, and then the paper itself is created in the country of Spain.

Hempire rolling papers are the perfect thickness for a lot of smokers. Papers that are too thin can tear easily, ruining the smoke inside and potentially causing the filler to spill onto the floor. Papers that are too thick can have a strong paper taste, and also burn a lot quicker. As you know, burning your filler too quickly can ruin the entire smoking experience, and causes you to use more filler then you need to.

Hempire rolling paper packs feature a unique jungle-like theme throughout the package, something that is rarely seen with rolling paper packs these days, but the real feature that sets Hempire rolling paper packs apart is that the packs themselves come in a lot of different colors, making them quite the collectible item for the avid roll your own smoker. Each box comes with an assorted variety of colors, something that is rarely seen these days with so many companies making every box of rolling papers as similar as possible!