Rice Rolling Papers

RAW is a brand of roll-your-own products that has taken the cigarette rolling community by storm. Started over 12 years ago in a quest to produce the most natural rolling papers, RAW brings a big difference in their papers compared to many other rolling paper manufacturers. For one, RAW uses pure and less processed rolling paper. The papers use a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers that cause the papers to have a brown color. The papers are so thin you can see through them, leaving you with less paper taste in your smoke.

RAW is famous for the use of a CrissCross run-preventing watermark that aids in keeping your cigarette burning evenly. This design makes these papers some of the best burning papers on the market and will leave you always looking for a watermark on your papers. Don’t waste your tobacco or herbs with papers that burn too quick; these papers were specifically designed to be the best burning papers available.

RAW is available in 1 1/4 size, King Size Slim, King Size Supreme, Rolls and a beautiful bonus 300pack. They have broken down each element of the rolling paper to the gum strip to the filter and have modified them over time to become the absolute best and most natural products around. RAW papers use a natural hemp-based gum. This unique gum sticks very well and is eco-friendly.

RAW also carries a line of organic and unrefined hemp “vegan” rolling papers. This line is made from organically grown, chlorine-free, pure hemp and is processed in an eco-friendly manner. The taste is a lot more pure than what you may have experienced from previous rolling paper brands.

RAW Grow Your Own Tobacco Seeds are also offered by this company and give smokers a chance to return to the true American roots and grow the most natural tobacco around.  America was founded on the cash crop Tobacco; it grew wildly on the land. Now you can plant your own Tobacco just like our forefathers and skip the tobacco taxes!

In conclusion, this brand is definitely one of the top players in the game today. The papers are perfect for any tobacco or herbal cigarette and are truly different than most other rolling papers. The rolling papers are not made with all of the additives that a lot of the rolling papers use to bleach their papers. The burn speed is not too slow, just right, and the run-preventing watermark actually seems to work in preventing runs. The taste is definitely something you don’t normally find in rolling papers; whereas most papers have, well, a paper taste to them, the RAW brand actually tastes — lighter! We have not met someone yet who doesn’t like this brand after trying; a must try for roll-your-own enthusiasts.

So you’re an inexperienced hand roller. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid to admit it. Every single one of us experienced the same thing at one point in our roll your own lives. It will be easier once you acknowledge it. Perhaps you’re even new at the whole rolling business. We understand. Everyone has to start somewhere. Smokers are not known for being judgemental, especially about other smokers.

Even if you’re an experienced roller, there are still advantages to using Pouch rolling papers over traditional rolling papers. The pouch shape keeps the filler inside, ensuring that no filler spills out the edges on the sides like can happen with regular rolling papers. Maybe you just like having the convience of the pouch. You can roll smokes quicker and easier then a regular old rolling paper.

Other small benefits that Pouch rolling papers supply is that every rolling paper comes pre-gummed with a natural sugar. The final benefit is that because Pouch rolling papers look so distinct, these rolling papers can be the perfect conversation starters with your fellow smokers who will be intrigued by its unique shape and properties.

You can even use Pouch rolling papers in a rolling machine, making it so easy and simple, that even a person who has no knowledge of rolling a smoke can pick up some filler, grab some Pouch rolling papers and a rolling machine, and create a perfect smoke.

Overall, Pouch rolling papers are a great choice for the smoker who is new at hand rolling, but is also an excellent choice for more experienced rollers who desire a simpler process with less waste.

Early rolling papers were created out of bible paper in the 19th century, and for good reason. The thin paper that was used to help mass produced Bibles at a low cost is great for both books, and for smoking. This isn’t the 19th century anymore though; bible papers don’t cut it anymore. Get a real rolling paper, designed for the modern world, and the modern smoker. Get the paper that was designed for the best smoker of all: yourself.

DLX rolling papers is of a special blend of natural materials that was created to meet the demands that the tobacco of today demands. The smokers of today don’t need to put up with dated rolling papers that were formulated a hundred years ago. Across the board, advances in the rolling paper industry have propelled this hobby and way of life to the top of smoking culture.

Because of the innovations and improvements in farming technology across the board, farmers are able to harvest higher quality crops, and produce more of it at a single time. This is true for vegetables, fruits, nuts, and most importantly, tobacco. Because of this, the tobacco harvested these days is much moister, richer, and denser then tobacco that was harvested centuries, even decades ago.

DLX is also the first rolling paper to be offered in the 84mm length. If you’re not familiar with this length, its the standard length for virtually every single manufactured cigarette out there. If you started out smoking manufactured cigarettes, then you’re used to the 84mm length of smokes. If you prefer the feel of those cigarettes rather then sizes most rolling papers come in, then get a pack of DLX 84mm rolling papers. The perfect length you’re used to, with the perfect rolling paper.
Your tobacco has improved, so why not your rolling paper? We heartily recommend DLX rolling papers for the smoker who cares about what he smokes.

Find the Best Prices on Elements Rolling PapersElements are a fairly new brand to the rolling paper market, but they have a legacy that is timeless. There was a time when most cigarettes were rolled by an individuals hand. When there was an art to it. When the best cigarette a person could have was the one they created. The creator of Elements was greatly impacted by watching his father take pride in rolling his own smokes, at a time when manufactured cigarettes were the norm. The only choice of paper his father used was rice paper. This no fuss material was always nice and thin, and only left a little ash after the smoke had been enjoyed.

Much has changed in the world since that time, but there is one thing that hasn’t. The crafting of hand rolled cigarettes has remained one of the finest hobbies that an individual can take a part in, and act of rolling your own smokes brings a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure to those who enjoy it. Rolling your own cigarettes takes a careful consideration of all of the different brands and materials that are available out there, and sometimes there is a very blurred line between what is quality, and what doesn’t live up to expectations.

Over the years various rolling paper companies have come out with new innovative materials and designs, but many of them left behind what was most important, the basics. The essence of rolling your own smokes was lost. The pure paper. The clean taste. The natural materials. The simple pleasure of smoking something you created had been cheapened and diminished. The rolling paper market had gone away from its roots. Elements was created to hearken back to the basics, to the heart of the roll your own spirit.

Elements rolling papers are made from pure rice paper that has been pressed very thin, and has a small strip of Acacia gum added for convenience. This thin paper burns naturally slow, just like us smokers like it. Because the pure rice burns clean, the only ash that results from burning is the caramelized residue from the Acacia gum. Because this rice paper is pure and free from chemicals, Elements rolling papers may take a little longer to light then traditional rolling papers.

We encourage you to pick up a pack and try Elements rolling papers yourself. If you’ve never made a smoke out of pure rice paper, or rice paper itself, then you owe it to yourself to try these rolling papers. It has everything that us smokers enjoy out of a rolling paper, and makes a great addition to any smoke.