iolite Portable Vaporizer

The iolite Portable Vaporizer is hands down the best portable vaporizer on the market. Powered by butane gas, the iolite Portable Vaporizer is complete independent in terms of power supply. That means you can take this vaporizer and use your herbs wherever you want! Each use requires a small charge from the butane, however the charge will last for as long as two hours; you rarely have to refill the butane in these vaporizers.

iolite Vaporizers utilizes a flame-less gas heater to vaporize herbs -- no contact is ever made between flame and your herbs, making this one of the healthiest ways to "smoke!" Make no mistake, no smoke is created from the use of the iolite Vaporizer; only smooth, pure vapor that is absorbed much more quickly than regular smoke. The internal thermostat is capable of sustaining temperatures up to 374F / 190C. Another fact worthy of noting is how much less odorous vaporizing is over smoking. Smoke smells will linger and stick to walls, furniture and clothes. Vapor, though still emitting a faint odor, will not stick to these things and will clear the room within minutes.

Start up is very quick, fully ready for use in about 7 to 9 minutes. This is incredible for a completely portable vaporizer like the iolite. Most stationary vaporizers that use an external power source take about five minutes to reach their max temperature. Once fully heated, simply place your grinded herbs into the iolite Vaporizer and draw air through the extended mouthpiece. Although subtle, a faint vapor will be felt upon inhalation and should be slightly visible when you exhale it.

Not only is this one of the best vaporizers on the market, the fact that you can find the iolite Portable Vaporizer for under $200 in most stores is incredible. The prices have gone down tremendously on the iolite Vaporizer since the Vaporization industry boom. They are very affordable and will pay for themselves over time with the amount of herbs you will save from using the iolite.

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