Cones are becoming extremely popular with medical marijuana dispensaries as well as personal smokers. The shape of the cone cigarette allows for more tobacco to be placed in to a single cigarette as well as provides a different type of burn. Straight cigarettes burn (hopefully) consistently because the tube is the same size throughout the entire smoke. Cones are bigger at the beginning and gradually get smaller towards the filter, creating a cigarette that hits hard in the beginning and mellows out towards the end.

With regular rolling papers, you have the choice of rolling whatever type of cigarette you want. With practice or the use of cone rolling machines you can even roll your own cones out of whatever paper you would like. Regular papers really give you the opportunity to experiment with rolling your own cigarettes and allow you to customize every aspect of your smoke. It generally takes from 2 to 15 minutes to roll a cigarette, depending on skill and how you roll your cigarette. You can easily roll up your own cigarette in under 2 minutes with the use of rolling machines, however most of these machines only roll straight cigarettes, so if a cone is what you’re fancying you will have to choose an alternative.

Pre-rolled cones really take the roll-your-own community to the next level, allowing smokers as well as dispensaries to pack many uniformly sized cigarettes quickly. There are pre-rolled cone packing machines that allow individuals to pack up to hundreds, even thousands of cigarettes in no time! That is why cones are so popular with dispensaries who can go through thousands of cones each day! Most companies selling pre-rolled cones offer their cones in different sizes, just like regular rolling papers. They usually come with a filter already built in to the cone, making it that much quicker and easier.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference. Both types of papers get the job done, it just depends on how much control you want over your cigarette. If you like to experiment with rolling techniques or just become a better cigarette roller, regular rolling papers are definitely the choice for you. If uniformity and speed is your niche, than pre-rolled cones are certainly a great recontamination for you.

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